The 30th 2017 Pyongyang Marathon Route Map

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Note: see updated course HERE.

Here is the official route for the 30th Pyongyang Marathon (note: the 29th Pyongyang Marathon in 2016 started from the Rungrado May Day Stadium, but the 30th annual marathon is expected to be held in the newly renovated Kim Il Sung Stadium as in past years.)


The official 2017 Pyongyang Marathon course route

    Depart from Kim Il Sung Stadium
    Pass through the Arch of Triumph
    Friendship Tower
    Kumrung No.2 Tunnel
    Congryu Rope Ladder on Taedong River
    Munsu Riverside Street
    Rungra Bridge
    Kumrung Tunnel
    Puksae riverside street
    Moranbong Street
    Re-enter through the Arch of Triumph
    Arrive back at the Kim Il Sung Stadium

This is a 10K course and the marathon will make this loop 4 times, the half marathon twice.


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