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Runner finishes Pyongyang Marathon

The Pyongyang Marathon is going to an historic event. This year is only the 5th time it has been open to foreigners to run. Kim Il Sung Stadium will be packed with 50,000 cheering North Koreans and locals will be lined up along the route to cheer on runners.

Schedule for the weekend

Saturday April 7: 

Review the course route with your guides. Familiarize yourself with the course and the landmarks.

Sunday April 8: 

08:00 Pre-race ceremony

09:00 Race begins

13:00 Awards ceremony

19:00 Awards ceremony and after-party

  • Official rules and regulations

    • Runners must have their running clothes on underneath a track suit prior to leaving the hotel the morning of the run. Jeans and non-athletic clothing will not be permitted in the stadium.
    • Running chips and race numbers (to be pinned to your shirt) will be provided to all runners the night before the race.
    • Runners must wear solid colors and cannot wear clothing containing tie dye or pictures. Logos on shirts are permitted so long as they are no bigger than 30cm in rectangular size. Any lettering on t-shirts must be less than 4cm in size, according to the regulations of the International Running Federation.
    • Runners are permitted to carry phones and music devices during the race. You are permitted to wear a watch, although GPS enabled watches may not be let through customs.
    • Runners must report to the Kim Il Sung Stadium by 7:40am on the day of the race.
    • Amateur runners will be divided into groups based on the chosen race category. There will be sign holders at the south gate of the Stadium. Runners must line up behind the appropriate sign holder by 8:10am: Amateur 1: Marathon, Amateur 2: Half Marathon, Amateur 3: 10Km, Amateur 4: 5Km. Professional runners will be divided into groups based on country.
    • At 8:00am, amateur runners will be instructed to enter the stadium following the sign holders.
    • Professional runners will enter the stadium after the start of the amateur race.
    • Runners will be given 10 minutes to change inside the stadium (for Uri Tours runners, please leave belongings and clothes at the designated spot. We will then bring them up to the stands where you can meet us after you finish). Runners must be at the starting line by 8:15am marked by a warning pistol shot.
    • The amateur race begins promptly at 8:30am marked by a starting pistol shot.
    • The finish line is inside the stadium.
  • What to wear

    Please wear solid colors; no tie dye, pictures or lettering. Top and bottom can be different colors, so long as they are one solid color each. If your shirt has a small logo, the logo can be no bigger than 30cm in rectangular size and the lettering must be less than 4cm in size, according to the regulations of the International Federation.

    You’ll be given a number to pin to your shirt during the race. All runners must have a number affixed to their shirts.

  • About the course

    The streets of Pyongyang are relatively flat. Km markers lining the course will let you know how long to go before the finish line. There will also be cars with digital timer signs that will lead the pack to let runners know how much time has elapsed. There are 2 water stations per every 5km and restroom stops along the way. If you need energy bars or gels, you can hand them to staff members who give them to you at designated stations.

  • About the venue

    Kim Il Sung Stadium is the official course start and finish of the Pyongyang Marathon. It is also the home of North Korea’s National Football Team, the North Korea National Women’s Football Team, and the Pyongyang City League. The stadium is open-air and was designed to host a variety of sports. The original name of the stadium was Moranbong Stadium, but after being renovated and expanded to accommodate 100,000 seats in April 1982, it was renamed to honor the Eternal President Kim Il Sung.

  • Spectator information

    There will be a reserved section for spectators and early race finishers. From the stands, you’ll be able to watch the finish line as well as a professional football (soccer) match being played on the pitch inside the track.

  • Course map
  • Podium finishers

    For those who finish in the top 3 in each category, there will be an awards ceremony. You’ll need to be at the south gate by 12:40 to be prepped for the ceremony.

  • Food and water

    Water stations are positioned at well-spaced intervals along the course. You can leave yourself energy bars or gels to be handed to you from these stations. Coordinate this with your guides.

  • After the race

    For those runners who finish well within the allotted time, you can sit in a designated section in the stadium to watch the football match and the rest of the runners finishing. Look for your guides who will direct you through Gate 2.

  • Medical

    There will be 3 ambulances along the course in case of emergencies. There are also 2 mini-buses available for runners who are unable to finish and need a lift back to the stadium.

  • Restrooms

    There are restrooms located at several locations along the route. These can sometimes be off the track itself. The day prior you will be taken you on a drive along the course route and will have these pointed out to you.

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