Pyongyang Marathon Time Limit Extended to 4 Hours 30 Minutes

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Folks, good news! The Pyongyang Marathon which has historically been capped to 4 hours (making this a very elite race) has been officially extended to 4 hours and 30 minutes. The race on April 9, 2017 now will start promptly at 9:15am from the Kim Il Sung Stadium and will end promptly at 1:45pm at the Kim Il Sung Stadium. Both amateur and professional runners will depart at the same time. The awards ceremony will start promptly at 2pm.

Another change is that all runners, including 10KM runners, will start and end at the Kim Il Sung Stadium. In the past, 10KM runners finished at the Arch of Triumph. All runners will do their final lap in the Kim Il Sung Stadium. See the new race route in our prior post.

Stay tuned to more information on this exciting race.

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