Pyongyang Marathon Medals

Past Pyongyang Marathon medal designs

A repository for some of the most unique medals you can earn.

The lines on your face are your medals. You’ve earned them, so why shouldn’t they be worn with honour?

Cherie Lunghi

2017 Design

This year, we produced another uniquely designed medal for participants in the Pyongyang Marathon. One side of the medal portrays a man holding the North Korean flag, which is inspired by the people’s pride in their race. The Pyongyang Marathon is truly a “people’s race”, that promotes peace. Over 50,000 people show up to the stands and thousands of other citizens line the streets to cheer the runners on. Runners regard themselves as ambassadors, promoting unity and togetherness with the people of this small yet magnificent nation.


The other side shows the classic symbol of North Korea – the hammer, sickle and paintbrush statue. This gigantic monument stands proudly in Pyongyang, and was erected as a tribute to the founding party. This original Communist symbol portrays the unity between the workers, the artists and soldiers.

2016 Design

The 2016 Pyongyang Marathon was the 25th time the race was run, which is signified by the 25 stars ringing the outer edge of the medal. The main graphic, inspired by constructivist design, contains some of the iconic landmarks in Pyongyang. From left to right: The Arch of Triumph, the Ryugyong Hotel, the Arch of Reunification, the Juche Tower, and the Monument to Party Founding of the Worker’s Party of the DPRK.

2016 Pyongyang Marathon Medal