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  • What is the date of the marathon?

    The annual Pyongyang Marathon (also known as the Mangyondae International Prize Marathon) will take place on 08 April 2018 in Pyongyang, North Korea.

    Participants may choose to run:

    • 5K event
    • 10K event
    • 21.1K half-marathon
    • 42.2K full-marathon
  • Who can register?

    Nearly anyone can register to participate in the Pyongyang Marathon. Contrary to popular belief, it is not forbidden or illegal for foreigners to visit North Korea (also known the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea “DPRK”). Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to take those traveling on U.S, South Korean or Malaysian passports on any of our tours. You can visit North Korea and participate in the race by booking a tour and registering with a licensed North Korea tour operator. There are several tour operators that offer tours and travel packages which includes the Pyongyang Marathon.

  • How can I register and pay?

    You can register for the Pyongyang Marathon with a licensed DPRK tour operator. Registration payment for the Pyongyang Marathon can be paid directly to the tour operator who will handle your travel and marathon registration.

  • What time does the race start?

    There is a pre-race ceremony that starts around 08:00. The race starts at approximately 9am and is over no later than 1pm.

  • Where is the finish line?

    The finish line for the Pyongyang Marathon is in the Kim-Il Sung Stadium. After 4.5 hours the finishing line is relocated outside the Kim Il-Sung stadium to allow those running the full marathon to complete their run within the 5.5 hours time limit. The closing ceremony begins inside the Kim Il-Sung Stadium after the 4.5 hour mark is reached.

  • Are there refreshments along the course?

    There are water stations positioned all along the course, approximately 2 every 5km. You can arrange to have energy bars or gels held for you at these refreshment stands. Coordinate this with your guides.

  • Where can I see pictures of the race?

    We will be taking photographs covering all aspects of the Pyongyang Marathon. The mission will be to photograph as many participants as possible along the route or at the finish lines. The photos will be shared on our social media channels.

    To see photos from past marathons, visit our Pyongyang Marathon History page where you see photos sorted by year and category.

For more detailed information on the Pyongyang Marathon, visit the Race Weekend Information page.

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