Ketema Bekela Negasa being dragged back to the finish line by a race official.

A Dramatic Finish for the Pros at the 2016 Pyongyang Marathon

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Pak Chol surges ahead on the final stretch

The male professional full marathon finish of the 29th Pyongyang Marathon 2016 was not without drama. Ketema Bekela Negasa (Ethiopia) led the pack for the majority of the race before committing a critical error on the final leg. Upon entering the stadium, the pace car turned off left and Negasa followed when in fact he needed to run anti-clockwise. Pak Chol (DPRK) was quick to capitalise on the Ethiopian’s critical error and surged ahead to finish first.


Race officials scramble to get Ketema Bekela Negasa’s timing chip to register.

A furious Negasa’s tracking chip failed to register his time and had to be dragged back to the finish line by a race official. The entire was incident was over in seconds but our photographers were able to catch the final leg and the aftermath.

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