Pyongyang Marathon 2017 – Updated Course Map, Route, Times

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Introducing a whole new Pyongyang Marathon course for 2017.

The Pyongyang Marathon is now in its 4th year of accepting foreign amateur runners. Although the Pyongyang Marathon has historically been open for international professional runners since 2000, and to local professional runners since its inception in 1981, it only started to accept foreign amateur runners in 2014 due in large part to efforts by foreign DPRK tour operators including Uri Tours. The marathon usually begins in the Kim Il Sung Stadium. The 2016 Pyongyang Marathon was temporarily held at the May Day Stadium due to an ongoing renovation of the Kim Il Sung Stadium. But we’re happy to report that the 2017 Pyongyang Marathon will hold to tradition and be held in the Kim Il Sung Stadium.

Official Start and Finish Times:

April 9, 2017 at 9:15am (professionals and amateurs)

The race is 4.5 hours. The award ceremony starts promptly at 2pm and streets will re-open to traffic at 1pm.

* Note that in the past, amateur runners were given a 20-30 minute head start ahead of the professional runners. But this is not guaranteed, so we recommend training for a 4 hour finish or running the half-marathon (or 10K). [SEE UPDATE TO TIME LIMIT – NOW 4.5 HOURS]

* For full marathoners who cannot make it back to the stadium by 2pm will still be allowed into the stadium during the ceremony but cannot finish in the stadium. You will not be able to finish on the mat and will not get an official time.

Official 2017 Course Map:

** Above photo is an approximation of the new 2017 Pyongyang Marathon course route.

  • Start at Kim Il Sung Stadium
  • Arch of Triumph
  • Friendship Tower
  • April 25 Cultural House
  • Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum
    • 10K Runners: return at the 5km mark and finish in the stadium
  • Potong Gate
  • Changjon Street
  • Kim Il Sung Square
  • Pyongyang Grand Theatre
    • Half marathoners: return at the 10km mark and finish in the stadium
  • Mirae Scientist Street
  • Cross the bridge at the entrance of the sports village
  • Sunhwa River near the Mangyongdae Native House
    • Full marathoners: return at the 20km mark and finish in the stadium
  • Final lap in the Kim Il Sung Stadium to the cheer of 20,000 local spectators!!

* This 2017 race route is the longest it’s ever been. In past years, the course was designed as a 10K loop that runners could run 1, 2 or 4 times depending on which race you were running. In 2017, runners will see more of Pyongyang than ever before, as this is an original 20K original loop. We’re in for exciting times!

Here’s a small glimpse of what to expect on the sidelines all throughout the course:

Cheering fans at Pyongyang Marathon

Thousands of North Korean spectators line the streets for the Pyongyang Marathon

Selfie with North Koreans at Pyongyang Marathon

Runners stop for selfies with North Koreans along Pyongyang Marathon course

North Koreans high-five runners at Pyongyang Marathon

Thousands of North Koreans line the streets to give high-fives to runners at Pyongyang Marathon

Runners stop to take photos with North Korean children

Runners stop to take photos with excited North Korean children

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